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Explore the Clones planet (and the distant moon)Learn from the CloneMasters!The earlier levels slowly teach you all the basicsMeet Roast Ed!  One of the 11 quirky CloneMasters Players are rewarded with stamps and decorations they can then use in multiplayerLiterally make clones of your clones!! Non-Linear gameplay allows you to go back to difficult puzzles at a later timeDemo players can also play against full game players!Feature rich editor allows you to create your own levelsUse the checkpoint feature to instantly save your solutions part-wayBehold the cloning chamberVisually see the location of servers around the worldFour way gravity allows for eight way symmetry!Multiplayer can lead to some exciting scenariosEach match ends with an informative summary of the resultsWatson R. Ice is the final CloneMaster.  His puzzles are groovyTry to achieve the best score on singleplayer.  Are plays are ranked!

In Game

Level Editor

Triggers can be used to create very complex and interactive gameplay events!Adding images to a level is easy when using the built-in thumbnail browserThis magnificent tutorial level is annotated to help new players learn how to play!Group settings control the number of morphs available for each coloured groupLevel settings can be tweaked to your heartEvery object in the editor has a popup configuration windowMultiple objects can be selected and edited simultaneously!The clone cannon has a prediction mode so you can perfectly align it

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